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I am a character animator who also freelances in photography and graphic design. Actually, I was not even destined to be in this field. I stumbled upon animation while studying engineering in college.
Though I had always been fascinated by computers, my dream ever since I was a kid was to play soccer. How did a young future engineer with dreams of soccer stardom end up as a character animator? I still don’t know exactly how but I am glad it happened!

I can hypothesize that the answer to the question lies within my fascination with living beings and how they express themselves through speech, emotions and physicality.

I consider myself humble (unless told otherwiseJ) and open to others. I strive to learn and grow as an artist, to surround myself by inspiring people and contribute to projects that will have long-lasting effects on audiences everywhere. I take my work seriously and I pour my heart into it, so my animation is really a reflection of who I am. The same applies to my photography work as it is deeply rooted in capturing the essence of my subjects.

I truly hope people connect with my work and I am curious to see how things turn out in the future.

Résumé/ CV

Feel free to contact me for my resume and references.