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Animation Insiders – Workflow Edition!


First update of 2010!!

A very good friend of mine, Patrick Beaulieu, is releasing an awesome book on animation workflow. As I lent a hand in the editing phase, I can honestly tell you that the content is trully amazing. A slew of talented artists participated in the project and graced the book with unique insight on their approach to animation.

Here is some info on it:

Animation Insiders is a book, a platform for talented animators to share their thoughts, experiences and workflow tips. Their contributions will certainly enhance, if not change, the views of the readers; hopefully influencing their careers and eventually impacting their lives. We, ourselves, strive to become better animators, and working on this book has already changed us considerably in so many ways. We strongly believe that somewhere in this book, somebody will find a recipe to achieve magic!


With the participation of talented animators: Mike Nguyen, Jason Ryan, Jason Scheifler, Pablo Navarro, Ana Maria Alvarado, Emilio Gorayeb, Jason Martinsen, Pedro Blumenbaum, Anthea Kerou … and more

For more information or any other request: Contact us

Grab yourself one! 😉

Issam Z.

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