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Category : Misc.

22 Oct 2009

La relève en 4 Temps – Photography exhibit

Freshly back from vacation and already an update! I have been picked by the Tzara gallery in Québec City to exhibit a couple of photographs along with three other artists -Amélie Bedard, Mathieu Fortin and Catherine Potvin-. The vernissage will take place  today, friday 23rd @ 5pm at the Hotel de Ville (City Hall) in the presence of the mayor and city officials. The show is called La relève en 4 Temps and is going to run from the 23rd […]

08 Feb 2009

Ed Hooks Acting Classes – Montreal

On January 20th (Inauguration day…couldn’t make it back to DC) I went with my colleagues (Ubisoft) to Montreal to attend an acting workshop given by non-other than the great Ed Hooks! We had a blast. This is the second time I have had the chance to meet Ed and it was just amazing. I would really advise anybody who is into animation and/or acting to attend his lectures if you can…There is a lot to be learned from our Shaman […]

08 Feb 2009

2008 – The year in pictures!

Hey guys! Happy new year! (a month late! :() As much as I loved the simplicity of my website, it was just not convenient enough to update it as often as I would have liked…so…I decided to make a new one. It will be much easier to update and it is also a format that will make room for feedback and suggestions. Feel free to stop by and contribute, give your opinion etc… Below is a quick recap of what […]